Best Western restaurants

The Best Restaurants In Hong Kong For People Who Don’t Like Asian Food

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Hong Kong is a food paradise with plenty of local, Chinese and international dishes on offer, but what happens if you don’t like Asian food? Where can you go to enjoy some of that foodie atmosphere that Hong Kong is so famous for? Here are some of the best restaurants where you can find some great non-Asian fare.



Gaddi’s has been extremely influential on the Hong Kong dining scene, being one of the first restaurants to offer the idea of a Chef’s Table. The restaurant is named after Leo Gaddi, who used to be the peninsula’s general manager, and it has been open for over sixty years. They have some wonderful European food, a wine cellar and a rather ostentatious colonial design. From embroidered carpets to French chandeliers and a very ornate antique folding screen from the 1600’s, the restaurant perfectly encapsulates old Hong Kong.


Jimmy’s Kitchen

This restaurant is synonymous with Hong Kong and it has plenty of history too. It was originally meant to be a canteen that offered food to servicemen and sailors in the late 20’s but it later became the place du jour for those who wanted innovative and delicious British dishes. It looks and feels very much like an upscale pub if it were not for the white-jacketed waiters.

Best Western restaurants

Best Western restaurants


La Taverna

One of the better Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, it’s decor is exactly what you would expect from an Italian restaurant outside of Italy. A little cheesy with candles propped up in wine bottles and aged paintings, the food is quite delicious and has all of the classics you would come to expect. They also have a dessert named after Italy’s most famous export, Sophia Loren.



With a sprinkle of Spanish style, eating at Amigo is quite formal, thanks to the grand staircase and tuxedo-ed waiters. Despite it’s Spanish name, the cuisine is largely French and whilst being a little on the rich side, it does offer some classics. Think lobster thermidor, foie gras, souffles and crepes.



Dining here is like stepping back into the 1970’s thanks to it’s rich menu of lobster bisque and baked chicken with black truffle. It is a tribute to the old Hong Kong Hyatt that closed in 2005 but has since re-opened, along with it’s restaurant, Hugo’s.

Best Western restaurants

Best Western restaurants


Mana Fast Slow Food

This is a great vegetarian place that offers both vegetarian and vegan options, including soups, salads, wraps and juices. They have outdoor seating if the sun is out, but this place is more like a grab it and go that you might frequent on your lunch break.



Selling freshly baked bread and a wonderful display of sandwiches popular in European cafes, they have come to be the go-to cafe for weary workers looking for a snack. Soups and quiches are also popular which you can enjoy on a sofa or a stylish table, pretending that you are back home on the streets of Europe.


La Creperie

Specialising in delicious galettes with a variety of fillings, most of them laden with cheese, La Creperie is a respite from the busy streets outside. Great for lunchtime or even for dinner, La Creperie is quite stylish and you can almost believe yourself to be dining out in the streets of Paris.


Where do you like to head out to eat non-Asian food? Comment below with your recommendations!

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