Disney HK

Hong Kong Disneyland: The Definitive Guide Part Two

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Here is the second part of our Hong Kong Disneyland guide. You can find the first part here.   The Seven Lands Continued Adventure Land This has recently been renovated and has plenty of attractions for teenagers and adults. Try the Star Wars influenced Hyperspace Mountain, Iron Man Experience, Orbitron, Star Wars Command Post. The latter is a performance where …

Hong Kong temples

The Best Temples In Hong Kong To Visit

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Hong Kong is home to some of Asia’s most beautiful and most enigmatic temples and all of them are within a short distance from Central. So, here is our definitive guide to the best.   Wong Tai Sin This temple has a claim to make every wish come true and so it is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. …

Tailors Hong Kong

Fix Up, Look Sharp: The Best Tailors In Hong Kong

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Getting a bespoke suit does not have to cost the earth. In fact, Hong Kong has one of the largest concentrations of low-cost suit makers in the world. From monogrammed shirts to designer copies, there are dozens of tailors and suit-makers to fit your style, needs and budget. Here is our list of the best, combining high-quality with value. Be …


How To Perfect The Art Of Haggling

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It might seem strange to haggle for Westerners but having some haggle skills is essential for shopping in many places around Asia. The fun part is that you can negotiate for almost anything, including hotel rooms, clothes to taxi rides. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you master the art, it will be a skill to serve you …

Horror movie

The Best Asian Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2018

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There is something about Asian horror movies. Whether it’s the mix between tradition, modernity and the culture clash of old and new, but some of the creepiest horror movies of the 21st century have come out of Asia. Let’s take a look at some of the best of 2018.   Kuntilanak This movie made a star out of it’s lead …

Dining etiquette HK

7 Useful Tips For Hong Kong Dining Etiquette

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We looked at some useful tips for business behaviour in Hong Kong, but what happens if you are invited to a business lunch? This could be for networking, as a client, for investment or for a job application. Whatever the reasons, dining out in Hong Kong can be a social battlefield, so let us guide you through some useful etiquette …

Art exhibitions HK

The Best Art Exhibitions In Hong Kong This Summer

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With summer already at our doorstep, you could be forgiven for wanting to stay indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. Hong Kong still has a lot to offer during the summer months, if you can bear to be outside for longer than a few minutes. Visiting an art exhibition is a great idea, as you can languish inside …

Learning languages

Learning languages in Hong Kong: where to do it.

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Hong Kong is undergoing a boom in adult education right now. More and more centers are offering courses (some of them free) to the huge amounts of people that are looking to build on their skills and learn new ones. Foreign languages are still extremely popular for adult learners and add a punch to your CV. Of course, learning Cantonese …

Dating Hong Kong

Dating in Hong Kong, is it as bad as they say?

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You might have heard that dating in Hong Kong is akin to dating in New York. Full of pitfalls, hurdles, tears with the odd triumph thrown in just often enough so as not to make you lose hope. Hong Kong’s fast-paced and transient nature often means that after the work parties have finished, more and more people are staggering home …

Football Hong Kong

Where to watch the World Cup this summer

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As you may be well aware, football season has started and will continue until the 15th July. Hosted by the Russians and with the first matches already under way, it looks set to be one of the most exciting football seasons yet. So where are the best places to watch the matches?   Delaney’s Irish Bar Basement, Mary Building, 71-77 …

Korean drama

Top Korean dramas to get lost in this summer

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A guilty pleasure all over Asia, the often weird but nonetheless wonderful world of Korean dramas have kept audiences addicted for quite some time. Here are our pick of the best to get lost in this summer.   Reunited Worlds Straddling the world between obligation and dreams, this drama follows a high school student who wants to provide for his …

Domestic help Hong Kong

Hiring domestic help in Hong Kong? How to get it right.

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Hiring domestic helpers has been the done thing throughout the expat world, particularly as working hours have increases and time spent at home has reduced. Whether you are looking for childcare, a cleaner, dog walker, house sitter or a mixture of everything all in one package, here is our advice for hiring domestic help in Hong Kong.   Many expat …