Football Hong Kong

Where to watch the World Cup this summer

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As you may be well aware, football season has started and will continue until the 15th July. Hosted by the Russians and with the first matches already under way, it looks set to be one of the most exciting football seasons yet. So where are the best places to watch the matches?   Delaney’s Irish Bar Basement, Mary Building, 71-77 …

Korean drama

Top Korean dramas to get lost in this summer

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A guilty pleasure all over Asia, the often weird but nonetheless wonderful world of Korean dramas have kept audiences addicted for quite some time. Here are our pick of the best to get lost in this summer.   Reunited Worlds Straddling the world between obligation and dreams, this drama follows a high school student who wants to provide for his …

Domestic help Hong Kong

Hiring domestic help in Hong Kong? How to get it right.

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Hiring domestic helpers has been the done thing throughout the expat world, particularly as working hours have increases and time spent at home has reduced. Whether you are looking for childcare, a cleaner, dog walker, house sitter or a mixture of everything all in one package, here is our advice for hiring domestic help in Hong Kong.   Many expat …

Best Food HK

Best food in Hong Kong: Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of our guide to the best food in Hong Kong and where to find it!   Dim Sum For reasons of brevity, let’s include the majority of dim sum in an extremely broad bracket. Hong Kong has plenty of options and many places vying for the title of the best in the city. Dim sum …

Clubs Hong Kong

The Secret World Of Private Members Clubs In Hong Kong

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It may seem like a throwback to its colonial days, but Hong Kong is actually a hotbed of private members clubs, where entry is extremely competitive and rarely won. Despite the social events that these clubs put on, they also offer the perfect opportunity for networking. The majority of clubs revolve around sport and recreational activities, but most often have …

Vintage Hong Kong

The Best Vintage In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has a plethora of vintage stores, comprising nearly every decade from the 1940’s on. Our guide to the best should help you narrow down your choices when you hit the shops.   Me And George 9 Li Yuen Street West, Central, Hong Kong There are several branches of this Hong Kong institution around the city, but the Central …

Dai Pai Dong Hong Kong

The Five Best Dai Pai Dongs In Hong Kong

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What on earth is a dai pai dong? The best translation of this is a no-frills eaterie, usually on the street itself. Like street food but with a little extra seating, atmosphere and variety. Cleanliness and hygiene aside, these are great places to immerse yourself in Hong Kong culture. Hong Kong is full of them and it can be hard …

Kids Stores Hong Kong

Five Of The Best Kids Stores In Hong Kong

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Whilst Hong Kong has always been criticized as being geared more towards the urban professional than those with a family, it has to be said that there are a multitude of kids stores in Hong Kong. You might be looking to buy a special treat for your own kids or a gift for someone else’s, you can rest assured that …

Easter in HK

Celebrating Easter In Hong Kong With Your Family

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Easter is just around the corner and Hong Kong has a whole heap of family friendly activities to get involved in. Thanks to British influence, Hong Kong will have the same public holidays as the UK, from Good Friday to Easter Monday so there is no excuse not to hit the streets and see what Hong Kong has to offer. …

#MeToo South Korea

Why The #MeToo Movement Has Been So Successful In South Korea

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You might have seen the #MeToo hashtag all over social media and in the press recently. Drawing awareness to the plight of women who have suffered sexual assault, abuse or harassment, it spread like wildfire among women in the West. Independent of social class, profession or personal circumstances, women united under a banner of support and to hold their attackers …

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) In Your Everyday Life

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is something that many of us have deep-rooted stereotypes about. We might believe it to work for other people, but never for ourselves. We can see it as complex, difficult to implement or even a little bizarre. However, you will soon see that it is remarkably simple to introduce elements of TCM in your everyday life. …

Most Exclusive Restaurants

The Four Most Exclusive Restaurants In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has sixty four Michelin starred restaurants. This makes the city of one of the most sophisticated, in terms of dining, in the world. When you consider that there are only two hundred and sixty four Michelin starred restaurants all over the world, Hong Kong’s tally is quite impressive. Whether you want to impress your date, celebrate a special …