Colonial Hong Kong

Colonial Hong Kong: what to see

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The buildings left over as a throwback to colonial times are present all over Hong Kong. This is most evident in Macau, whose architecture looks anything but Asian in origin. Whilst Hong Kong has developed its own style, reminiscent of large Chinese cities just across the bay, you can also easily find some reminders of its colonial past. So if …

Baby in Hong Kong

Having a baby in Hong Kong? Read on.

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If you are thinking about having a baby during your stay in Hong Kong, it pays to be prepared. Medical care in the city is generally excellent, but you may find that you have some pretty big questions as you await for the arrival of your baby. As with many countries, you can choose between private and public healthcare. If …

Networking Hong Kong

A rapid fire guide to networking in Hong Kong

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Thanks to its large amount of expats passing through the city, either for permanent resettlement or for a matter of days, Hong Kong enjoys a larger than average amount of networking privileges. Networking is part of the lifestyle here and is something that soon becomes second nature. If you are feeling a little daunted at making professional or personal contacts …

Hong Kong

Why Has Hong Kong Been So Popular With Expats

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Hong Kong is frequently voted one of the best places to live and work as an expat. Despite cries that it is not the same experience as it once was, there is no doubt that positions in Hong Kong are highly sought after. So let’s take a closer look at why that is.   The city itself Like other big …

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) In Your Everyday Life

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is something that many of us have deep-rooted stereotypes about. We might believe it to work for other people, but never for ourselves. We can see it as complex, difficult to implement or even a little bizarre. However, you will soon see that it is remarkably simple to introduce elements of TCM in your everyday life. …

Most Exclusive Restaurants

The Four Most Exclusive Restaurants In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has sixty four Michelin starred restaurants. This makes the city of one of the most sophisticated, in terms of dining, in the world. When you consider that there are only two hundred and sixty four Michelin starred restaurants all over the world, Hong Kong’s tally is quite impressive. Whether you want to impress your date, celebrate a special …

10 movies about Hong Kong

Ten Movies That Will Make You Love Hong Kong

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Asian cinema has a unique method of story telling that is often missing from Hollywood blockbusters. You might well be familiar with Japanese anime or Korean drama. No longer the realm of cinema aficionados, there are some remarkable movies from Asia that may well take you on an unexpected adventure. Several of the best feature Hong Kong, so here is …

Tokyo Children's Attractions

Top Attractions For Children In Tokyo

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It is a common misconception that Tokyo is expensive and more geared towards adults than for children. However, this is not the case whatsoever. There is plenty to see and do in Tokyo with your family. All of these activities depend on your individual budget of course, but do not think twice about taking your kids to Tokyo. You will …


Hong Kong to The First-Timer: Things You Should Know

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Quick question: What do you think of when Hong Kong is mentioned? Good food, people drinking in bars and yelling in Cantonese on the streets, and perhaps even adrenaline-fuelled police chases, courtesy of Hong Kong crime dramas (we’re looking at you, Infernal Affairs). You would be right, but there’s also more to the Fragrant Harbour than those! Without further ado, …


Now You’re Talking! 5 Easy Ways Expats Can Learn A New Language

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Relocating to another country is daunting, but moving to a foreign country where the main language is not English ramps things up a notch – everyday tasks such as getting around and eating becomes slightly more difficult. Your enjoyment and experience of moving abroad are also limited to a foreigner or tourist’s perspective – which means you’ll miss out on …