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Expats: Find The Best Services On The Go with Chozun!

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Trust is one of the biggest barriers to address when travelling, especially when it comes to service providers. Expats who are frequent travellers will be delighted to know that there’s finally a platform to solve your woes: chozun. Like its namesake, chozun (a portmanteau of choosy & zūn guì – the latter means respectful/premium/honourable in Chinese), is a platform that curates the best service providers in the area, and matches them to best fulfil expats’ needs – making it the ultimate little black book for expats. Let’s take a closer look at what the platform can do for you!

Why should I use chozun?

As an expat, you’re wading into unfamiliar waters, and therefore, it would be nice to know which are the service providers that you can trust to make you look good or feel better, be it in terms of grooming, fitness, style, or technical help. chozun can do all that and more.

The platform works with service providers in order to deliver personalised services to users. These service providers are specially vetted and handpicked, so users can be assured of their authenticity and reliability, without having to conduct an extensive research. chozun shares your preferences with Providers, allowing a customised service experience to best cater for your needs, which benefits both the expats and providers (expats who are happy with the service are more likely to become regulars).


Show me examples of how chozun can help me then!

Ask, and you shall receive.

1. Finding a place for the perfect massage (without having to go into a dodgy basement)

An acquaintance that had just moved to Shanghai was in need of a massage as her back was giving her trouble. Operating on the assumption that China is well known for wellness treatments, she went into the first place she saw. There was no reason to doubt the establishment, which had clear signage, well-lit and reasonable prices. However, she realised that she made a mistake when the staff appeared to wait on her and through various hand gestures; she discovered that the establishment mainly caters to males only, if you get what we mean.

2. I dropped my phone and the screen is smashed! Where can I get it fixed?

We all know someone who can be such a klutz at times – it can even be you! Therefore, you definitely want to have professional tech help that you can count on readily available for those emergencies. However, when you’ve just moved to a new city, it can be time-consuming and often dangerous to have strangers tinkering with your phone or computer. Team Expat has one such experience where in China, a ‘tech expert’ took out five screws from our laptop without our knowledge so that we would go back and give them more business.

3. These love handles are expanding, help!

You know what they say, “a second on the lips, forever on the hips”. When you’re travelling, you do want to put everything into your mouth! If you’re moving to a new country for business reasons, you are more or less signing up for fancy dinner indulgences and late night drinks with the clients and/or your new colleagues. The only way to offset the eventual weight gain is to exercise, but being a gym bunny can be hard in a new city. Which gyms do you sign up for? Which classes do you take? Where can you find a personal trainer just like the one you had back home?

4. I would like someone to show me the local sights and eats

Local guides can be lifesavers; they know where to go, what to see and well, how things work. Often they know hidden places in the city that aren’t overloaded with tourists ticking off their “Top 10 Must-See Places” lists. On the flip side, if you’re unlucky, you might end up getting scammed.

A colleague from Team Expat almost got caught in the notorious “Practice English/Tea Ceremony Scam”. Two girls in Beijing stopped him at Yuyuan Garden. They talked for a while and the two girls insisted on taking him to a tea ceremony close by. As it turns out, they didn’t take him to a tea festival, but a small little teashop in the back of a shady-looking building. Luckily, he became suspicious of the whole encounter and quickly excused himself!

5. I have an event to go to, is there any place that can help me do my hair?

Like dentists or tattoo artists, a certain level of trust needs to exist between a hairstylist and a customer before the latter lets the former touch their hair. This is because a bad haircut is like a bad breakup: Torturous, and long lasting. As a result, most expats refrain from getting their hair done in foreign countries, for fear of messing up their do.

Well, there you go. The best part about chozun is that it’s not limited to one country – as of writing, chozun is now available in 10 cities across Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and soon in Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar. Rapid expansion plans are in development as chozun aims to become the ultimate travelling lifestyle companion for expats.

Will you be trying out chozun on your travels? To learn more, visit or download chozun in the Google Play Store. We’d also love to hear about your stories about finding the right service provider for you when you move to a new country – share with us below!

Chozun, Regional Manager, Asia

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