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Five Tricks To Get The Cheapest Flights Possible

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Numerous websites offer tips on how to find the cheapest flights and thanks to comparison websites, like Skyscanner or even Google, it should be a piece of cake. However, the reality is not quite as simple. It can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed with just how many choices there are. And how do you know that you are getting the best bang for your buck? Read on for some tricks on how to find the cheapest flight tickets possible.


Check your privacy settings

Nearly every website these days utilizes cookies to track user browsing and to tailor advertisements and searches. You might know that disabling them or restricting access keeps your web browsing more secure. What does this mean exactly for flight prices? Well, as cookies track your searching, they can pick up on repeated searches for certain routes or times. This means that prices will increase from the websites you are looking at. These clever little cookies know that you are looking for a flight and they want to scare you into buying the ticket before prices go up even more. Sounds a little bit too Big Brother, right? So, the solution is to always browse incognito or in private mode. To show the cheapest flights possible, make sure that you close your incognito window for each individual search and open a new one. This will reset your cookies and make sure that tickets are not unnecessarily inflated.


Be savvy with your searches

Simply Googling might give you important information on what airlines fly the route you are looking at and at what time. However, to really find the cheapest flights out there, you should take a look at some comparison websites. We already mentioned Skyscanner but there are some others worth taking a look at too.

  • Momondo- this site has recently become much more popular and often shows cheaper flights than other comparison sites.
  • JetRadar- many comparison sites, with the exception of Google, don’t include budget airlines but JetRadar does.
  • Kiwi-this combines all airlines available on a particular route to offer the best prices.
  • AirFare Watchdog- this site is excellent for finding at sale flights.


Remember to compare flights across search engines, just to make sure that the price does not differ too much and that you can find the the cheapest flights you can.

Cheapest Flights

Cheapest Flights


Be flexible

This might be easier said than done, especially if you have to consider school holidays, family plans and work schedules. However, if you are planning to travel on a Saturday for a week’s holiday, it might be worth looking at times either side of your planned travel date to see if you can save some cash. There is no such thing as a cheap day to fly, but there are such things as expensive days, particularly those around holiday dates. With certain flight comparison sites, you can even select flights over a month time period to see which is the cheapest option. Also, Hopper is a useful tool to compare when it is cheapest to fly and when to buy the best tickets for that particular route. Familiarise yourself with the site and spend time playing around with different dates and times to find the cheapest flights on offer.


Manage your layover yourself

Instead of booking one flight which includes a layover with the same airline, it might be an idea to split the two flights and shop around to see if your connecting flight might be cheaper elsewhere. For example, if you are flying to Kuala Lumpur with your layover in Ho Chi Minh city and both flights are with the same airline, try taking a look to see if you can find the connection for a better price. This means you can take a look at local budget airlines, which are always cheaper. You may also find routes from international carriers that are cheaper in that particular region. This will also allow you to play about with times slightly to get an even cheaper ticket. However, make sure you do not book tight connections or ones that are too far apart. This might save cash but it will also make for quite an uncomfortable journey.


Do some airport research

If you are flying into a major city that has more than one airport, the chances are that one of the airports is slightly cheaper to fly to than the other. For example, London Heathrow is slightly cheaper than London Gatwick, believe it or not. Of course, choosing an airport depends on the flight availability and the distance from the airport to your location. You do not want to spend time crossing a city and spending the money you saved on additional transport. Prices vary between airlines, so make sure you try every possible combination before booking.


How do you save money when booking flights? Comment below with your suggestions!

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