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The Seven Best Running Trails In Hong Kong

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You might not think that Hong Kong is a runner’s city but actually, that’s quite far from the truth. There are a number of trails that are perfect for runners, whether you are just starting out or are a practiced athlete. Thanks to Hong Kong’s hilly landscape, there are plenty of more challenging routes, not to mention some beautiful parks that are designated conservation areas. Here are some of the best running trails in Hong Kong to sweat it out.


Waterfall Bay Park

The pine woods of Waterfall Bay Park are stunning, and nestled in between them, is a rather spectacular waterfall. Located in the Wah Fu estate, on the coastal side, Waterfall Bay is a runner’s haven. This route is one of the easier ones to be found in the city and there are plenty of sights to keep you entertained along the way. From people walking their dogs to chess players, there are always plenty of people taking a respite from the oppressive summer heat of the city.


Hong Kong Trail

One of the most difficult, lengthy but spectacular routes in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Trail. The route itself spans over 50km, but it is divided into stages so that you do not have to complete it all in one (thank God). This also means that you can pick and choose harder or easier sections as you please. There are plenty of paths which curve all over the place, not to mention steep slopes, so it might be best to explore the Hong Kong Trail if you are a more experienced runner.


Bowen Road

This trail is relaxed, relatively easy and quite short, so it is the perfect after-work jogging path. Cars are prohibited along this stretch so you can be sure that it will be peaceful, quiet and without pollution. Although the trail is right in the heart of Wan Chai, it is the perfect place for some respite after a busy week. The terrain is quite flat, so it is perfect for beginners or for those who want to just run without any serious challenges.

Running Hong Kong

Running Hong Kong


Victoria Road

If you want to feel more connected to the city and be distracted by some beautiful landmarks of Hong Kong, then Victoria Road is perfect for you. It’s length is moderate, averaging between 6 and 7 km, and is relatively easy. There are some parts which might test your strength, especially as you veer towards the coast. At the end, you can relax on Aberdeen beach or double back to run home.


The Peak

Running the 3.5km Peak trail will give you the best views of Hong Kong, that are unbeaten on any other trail. The route starts off gentle, but will become harder as you climb the Peak itself and finish at the top. One of the trails synonymous to the city, the Peak is a Hong Kong aficionado’s dream.

Running Hong Kong

Running Hong Kong


MacLeHose Trail

If you want something much more difficult, then this trail might be right up your street. The actual distance is around 100km, but it is possible to break that into sections. Unfortunately, you need to be quite an advanced runner in order to be able to tackle most of them without problems. This trail is off the beaten track and it will take you right into Hong Kong’s undergrowth, up hills, past reservoirs and down mountains.


Ma On Shan Promenade

This is a favorite with runners, joggers, cyclists and even tai chi enthusiasts. There are always plenty of people, which means it can get a little crowded, especially at weekends and on holidays. However, the route is easy and you get a fantastic view across the bay to the eight peaks.


Where do you go running in Hong Kong? Comment below with your suggestions.

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