Summer books

Your Summer Reading List For The Beach, The Car, The Plane Or Your Sofa

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If you are looking for a book to take with you on your next holiday, business trip, or simply to while away some time travelling around the city or relaxing poolside, why not try out some of these summer reads?


You Think It, I’ll Say It- Curtis Sittenfeld

The acclaimed author of The American Wife, this is a collection of short stories reflecting on class, relationships and gender roles in a divided post-Trump nation. Funny rather than depressing, Sittenfeld’s novel is an excellent reflection on human life in an increasingly frustrated society.


The Female Persuasion- Meg Wolitzer

An interesting novel about the conflict between relationships and feminism, The Female Persuasion is a look at how many women feel in the age of post-post-feminism. The author is already making fiction prize shortlists and this novel comes highly recommended for those women who want to make a difference but without alienating the men in their lives.


Tangerine- Christine Mangan

Already being made into a movie, Tangerine has some dark twists on the theme of friendship and marriage. After relocating to Morocco, the protagonist is finding it difficult to adjust so an old friend visits in an effort to bolster her spirits. Not long after, her husband disappears, leaving her with the fear that her friend had something to do with it. A must-read this summer.


One Last Time-Corinne Michaels

A bit of a bonkbuster rather than anything too intelligent, One Last Time follows a single mother who gets the opportunity to become a celebrity blogger. She falls for an actor that she interviews and things become complicated, of course. For something light and romantic for beach days, you can do a lot worse than this novel.

Summer books

Summer books


Circe-Madeline Miller

Updating Greek mythology, Madeline Miller creates an excellent novel full of unforgettable characters and stories that have shaped much of our legend of today. Focusing on the daughter of Zeus, Circe, we follow her as she learns she has magical powers that threaten the very stability of the gods.


Love And Ruin- Paula McLain

The author of Circling The Sun and The Paris Wife revisits Ernest Hemingway’s lover Martha Gellhorn, who came to Madrid as a reporter, desperate to prove herself and who finishes in the midst of an extremely passionate and tumultuous love affair with Hemingway himself.


Kintsugi Wellness- Candice Kumai

This handy novel is a guide on how to nourish your mind and body, using ancient Japanese techniques. If you loved The Magic Art of Tidying Up, this book will provide you with plenty of useful advice on how to live and eat better. There are also some delicious recipes as well.


The Favorite Sister- Jessica Knoll

The second novel from the writer of The Luckiest Girl Alive, two sisters join a reality show about extremely driven women, but by the end of the season, only one will be alive. Unputdownable and extremely character-driven, you might find that you miss out on spending time in the water in order to find out what happens next.


The High Season-Judy Blundell

A family who have an idyllic summer home in the Hamptons are faced with the decision that they must rent out their house or sell it. They wind up renting to a beautiful stranger and her stepson who will turn out to be unlike any other renters the family have ever encountered.


What are your must-reads this summer? Comment below with your recommendations!

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