Low cost Asian airlines

The 9 best low cost airlines operating out of Hong Kong for your cheap summer holiday needs!

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With summer fast approaching, you might be in the process of looking at flights for your vacation. The size of Hong Kong’s airport means that there are plenty of low cost carriers with a variety of flights to a multitude of destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Low cost Asian airlines

Low cost Asian airlines


HK Express

This local airline may not exactly be on the low cost side, but it certainly has competitive ticket prices to offer. For travellers flying into Tokyo, you can guarantee that you will be landing in Haneda rather than having to make the hour long journey back into the city from Narita. HK Express currently fly to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Guam.



Tiger is one of the more famous budget airlines in the Asia region and has well-established routes to Singapore, Thailand and India. Flights to Singapore are extremely cheap, as well as offering a variety of destinations all over Thailand. If you want to venture further afield, you can also fly to major Australian cities.



Jetstar has quite the reputation for safety and value for money, and offers some great destinations in it’s roster. Based in Australia, Jetstar has plenty of flights to the major Australian cities as well as Thailand, Vietnam and various other destinations in South East Asia. Their cheapest flights are to Singapore however.


Cebu Pacific

If tropical beaches are on your hitlist for summer vacations, then consider flying out to the Philippines. A short flight away from Hong Kong means low prices and plenty of options. Flight times are great, and there are plenty of connections all over the island.



Peach is one of the cheapest carriers flying specifically into and out of Japan. Flights mainly go to Osaka but they also have other routes, which change periodically. Keep an eye on the website for promotions and offers.

Low cost Asian airlines

Low cost Asian airlines



It’s unlikely that you pass through an Asian airport without seeing an AirAsia plane with it’s distinctive red tail. They aren’t quite as popular in Hong Kong as of yet, but you can still find some cheap flights to Malaysia. Occasionally, they expand to include Thailand and Cambodia as well as Indonesia. If you are heading to Australia, it might be worth looking at connections in Malaysia as they are often much cheaper.


Hong Kong Airlines

Not a budget airline in the traditional sense of the word but their seats to Beijing are among the cheapest on the market. So if you are planning a trip to China, then it is well worth looking at Hong Kong Airlines for cheap deals to the capital. If you get really lucky, then you can also find some bargain long-haul routes to New Zealand, Australia and Canada.


Spring Airlines

Spring is the main budget airline in China and it’s specialty is flights between Hong Kong and Shanghai. The cheapest prices can be found midweek, and you are also spoilt for choice with the amount of connections to the rest of the country. However, expect a little less quality as staff don’t speak much English and the organisation is a little chaotic.


China Southern

If you are going a little further afield, then China Southern has some cheap fares to the US and Europe. These routes expand all the time so keep an eye on schedules as they may change before the peak season really begins.


Who do you recommend for cheap flights around the world? Comment below with your suggestions!

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