Dai Pai Dong Hong Kong

The Five Best Dai Pai Dongs In Hong Kong

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What on earth is a dai pai dong? The best translation of this is a no-frills eaterie, usually on the street itself. Like street food but with a little extra seating, atmosphere and variety. Cleanliness and hygiene aside, these are great places to immerse yourself in Hong Kong culture. Hong Kong is full of them and it can be hard to decide which are the best. To give you a helping hand, we have compiled a list of the best five.


Sing Kee

10 Stanley Street, Central


Sing Kee is one of the most famous dai pai dongs in the city and is the perfect example of what to expect. Plenty of people stop by here, which gives it a real buzz. You can see your food being made right in front of you, which may not be for the faint of heart but it is certainly a form of entertainment. Try the salt and pepper pork, as well as the crab and clams. These are signature dishes of Sing Kee and come highly recommended.


Sing Heung Yuen

2 Mee Lun Street, Central


This is arguably one of the most popular of it’s kind too and has been feeding customers for years. Their most famous dish is tomato and macaroni soup, which sounds bizarre but is extremely popular. It is a little cleaner than the average dai pai dong and it is also slightly more secluded, residing on a quieter street away from the main thoroughfare.


Keung Kee

219 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po


If authenticity is what you are looking for, then Keung Kee has it in spades. They have outdoor seating and it is impossible to miss from the street. Again, you can see the chef whipping up huge batches of fried rice and noodles, which will make your mouth water more often than not. The Hainanese chicken rice is a real favorite here, but the seafood also comes highly recommended.

Dai Pai Dong Hong Kong

Dai Pai Dong Hong Kong


So Kee

6 Yiu Tung Street, Sham Shui Po


This stall has two traditions down pat. That of serving fresh, authentic food to passerby and at the same time serving yuenyeung, which is a combination of coffee and milk tea. This is a Hong Kong classic and So Kee is one of the best places to try it. They also have a great ramen dish, as well as French toast for those with a sweet tooth.


Bing Kee

5 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang


The pork noodles here are what really makes Bing Kee stand out. This is the best selling dish at this dai pai dong and once you try it, you will see why. Bing Kee is clean, has great service and is great value for money. You can also try the Hong Kong staple milk tea with your meal. A great place to people watch, Bing Kee is a must try if you are on a dai pai dong hunt.


Have you ever eaten at a dai pai dong in Hong Kong? Which were your favorites? Comment below with your experiences!

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