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Top Korean dramas to get lost in this summer

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A guilty pleasure all over Asia, the often weird but nonetheless wonderful world of Korean dramas have kept audiences addicted for quite some time. Here are our pick of the best to get lost in this summer.


Reunited Worlds

Straddling the world between obligation and dreams, this drama follows a high school student who wants to provide for his family instead of going to college. However, following a car accident, time bends and he soon finds out that everyone thinks he has died and it’s 12 years later. Finding himself at the door of his first love’s home, he finds that she has sacrificed everything due to the stress of losing her love. Can they pick up where they left off or is it really the end?


Man Hole

A sweet tale of unrequited love, this drama follows Bong Pil, who has only ever loved his best friend. However, she is getting married and there is nothing Bong Pil can do about it, until the day he finds a manhole that allows him to travel back and forth in time, once he dives into it. Will it be enough to change fate and bring the two together?



Stepping away from the time-travelling, love-bending themes of the previous dramas, Mother is the tale of a woman who decides to kidnap a girl and become her mother. Originally aired in Japan, this is a remake that has had plenty of buzz this year, mainly for the lead actress Lee Bo Young.


Are You Human Too?

Returning to the theme of loss and remembering, the heir of a conglomerate falls into a coma so his father replaces him with a robot that looks and moves exactly like his bed-ridden namesake. Will the real heir ever wake up? Meanwhile, what will the AI get up to?

Korean drama


Children of a Lesser God

With a rather dramatic title, this drama is based around a detective with an extremely high IQ. Focusing on practical science to solve crimes, his attractive female partner meanwhile relies on her intuition. How will this work out when the two are trying to uncover an organized crime group, wreaking havoc throughout the city?


My Mister

This drama has already made waves, due to the 18 year age difference between the lead love interests. A private investigator slowly falls in love with the subject of her spying, despite his mediocrity.


Mister Sunshine

A young boy ends up boarding a U.S warship and lands in the USA in 1871. He later returns to Korea as a U.S soldier and ends up meeting the love of his life. Moving away from some of the schmaltz that Korean dramas are famous for, this focuses more on history, but don’t fear. There is still plenty of love.


Longing Heart

Following the journey back in time of a maths teacher who never told the girl of his dreams how he felt about her at school, he finally has the chance to right his wrongs. However, he faces competition from his younger self and the girl of his dreams has a painful secret. Who will win the heart of the girl?



Go Hye Ran is a TV broadcaster, who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Her husband is currently working as a public defender, and when she chooses him to represent her in court despite being on the brink of divorce, the possibility of falling in love again opens up.


What Korean dramas do you love to watch? Comment below with your suggestions!

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