Where to get inked in Hong Kong: the best tattoo parlors in the city

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You might be put off by the thought of less than hygienic practices by some tattoo places but look no further, because we have found some of the best in Hong Kong. We have to say though, that you should make sure that the tattoo parlor fits with the style of tattoo that you want and that you seriously think about it before committing.




Popular amongst expats, Blackout play with many different styles in order to create custom pieces that have plenty of originality. They use truly stunning colors and the tattoo artist is well known for having a gentle touch, which is important if you plan to be under the needle for more than an hour. They also have a cool Instagram feed, so you can check out their back catalogue.


The Company Tattoo

If you want something that is out of the ordinary, then check out Dave Ryo Lau at The Company. Using a red and black colour scheme, they take classic tattoos and give them an entirely new spin. They also have a very inspiring Instagram if you want to take a closer look.


Freedom Tattoo

This is a go-to place if you are looking for lettering or something a little more romantic. Using mostly primary colours, they mix shadows with vibrancy to create tattoos that look like something that has come straight out of a dream.




Soul Canvas Ink

If you are looking to have a portrait done in ink on your skin, then Soul Canvas is well known in the tattoo industry. They have been around for quite a while and their artist Kin Liu is renowned for his artwork. They can custom make a design for you, or if you already have one in mind, they can use that to create your tattoo.


Jimmy Ho Tattoo

A family run business, the original owner of the studio was infamous for being one of the best in Hong Kong. They specialise in Chinese and Japanese imagery and if that doesn’t sell you, they also claim that their tattoos are pain free!


Tattoo Temple

If you are looking for something exclusive, then Tattoo Temple is your place to go. Their waiting list is currently three years long and you have to apply to be considered. They will custom design your tattoo and expect it to cost in the region of the thousands.


Some do’s and don’ts:

  • Think very carefully before going through with it and do your research.
  • Check portfolios or online catalogues before making an appointment.
  • Make sure you take some photos with you or your design, if you have one.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before.
  • Don’t go to a shady place just because it’s cheap.
  • Ask all the questions you need before, during and after.


Have you gotten a tattoo in Hong Kong? What were your experiences?

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