Where To Get Your Future Told In Singapore

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With Halloween around the corner and superstition being a huge part of life in Singapore, there are no shortage of fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers and palmists all over the island. Whether you want to have your fortune told whilst relaxing at an after work event or you are searching for something a little more substantial, there is something for your needs. So if you want more information on the past, present or future,  here are some of the best in Singapore.


Kelly Lightworker

By appointment only, Kelly can offer tarot card readings and psychic messages. She specialises in mediumship and describes herself as a spiritual messenger. So if you are looking for healing at a difficult time or advice on how best to navigate choppy waters, Kelly might be able to offer some guidance.


Gypsee Jenny

Slightly cliched name apart, Jenny can offer crystal healing, office and home energising, and meditation workshops. You can also book an appointment for Reiki and spiritual healing if you are experiencing a hard time and need some help in order to move on emotionally, spiritually and physically.




Lynda Woolf

If you are looking for a psychic, then Lynda Woolf’s reputation precedes her. She has a certain level of fame for her accurate readings, and also offers coaching and mentoring workshops. She has plenty of roadshows as well as private sessions, if you want to book a one on one appointment.


Employees Only

Not just a bar, they also offer a mentalist, tarot reader and a palm reader. They actually have excellent reviews and many people have claimed to have extremely accurate readings. Whether the experience is positive or not, you can always go to the bar afterwards.


Mamatha Ramachandran

Learning her trade from a gypsy, Mamatha offers tarot readings at Tara Light Within. If you decide to join her client base, then you will be among good company as she is extremely popular with expats. If your reading intrigues you, you can also enrol in a Tarot reading course at the same premises.


Have you had your fortune told in Singapore? Was it accurate? Comment below with your experiences.

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