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    My grandfather was nearly sixty years old, with two white spots and a pair of glasses. Grandpa��s English is particularly good, and the people around him are envious of him, but who knows how much effort he has made in learning English?dpa is particularly concerned about national events. Since China��s accession to the WTO, Chinese people��s enthusiasm for learning English has never been higher. Just in the community, I did an English tutoring class. Grandpa went to the newspaper. He told me the secret and told me not to tell others. I laughed and said, “You learn English and laugh at the dead.” Grandpa said: “After a year []Cheap Newport Regular Online[/url], we are better than whose English, how?” I said refreshingly: “Good!” But at dinner, I was The news was made public. Dad, mother, and grandmother all laughed loudly. Grandma said, “You! You! This is old, and I still learn English, and let people laugh and fall to the front door!” Mom said: “You are in your 60s. “Is there such a ambition?” Grandpa said silently for a while, said angrily: “For more than 30 years since the reform and opening up, many foreigners have come to China. I am traveling and encountering foreigners. I can communicate with foreigners in English. Dad? When Dad saw his grandfather angry, he said, “Okay! Go to school!” Grandpa learning English is enough! I got up before 6 o’clock every morning, starting with 26 letters and reading the phrase… Sometimes I woke up, and I said to my grandfather, “How are you so annoying…” Grandpa said: “You sleep “I don’t quarrel.” I thought: You don’t bother who believes… In the morning, I went shopping with my grandfather. Grandpa walked and read ABC. The people next to me looked at us and laughed. I was full of faces. When I was red, I whispered to Grandpa: “You don’t practice, others think that we are neurotic!” Grandpa did not care to say: “I am afraid of anything, it doesn’t matter.” I had to stay away from my grandfather. In the evening, I slept with my grandfather. At 9 o’clock, my grandfather was reading English. When I got up in the toilet at night, I opened my eyes and a glare of light came tmonths have passed. I want to know how my grandfather��s English is learning. He secretly listens to him practicing English []Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices[/url]. I know what I said in front of my grandfather��s English. But I can��t understand it at the back, so I have to ask him. The old man, grandfather smiled and said to me: “Kid, your English is not as good as me!” More than a year passed, Grandpa’s English, let me have nothing to say. Love is hard-won, love is precious, lomost lacking between us and people is love. Some people say that they want to protect small animals and protect flowers and trees, but they have not done what they say. Some people saw a puppy in the middle of the road and he was less than ten steps away from the puppy []Marlboro 100S Cartons Us[/url]. He was not willing to take the puppy from the middle of the road and even take it home. This shows us that what the individual lacks is not a little love []Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons[/url], but a lack of love []Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping[/url]. But there are also many people who love a lot, and there are very few people who have a lot of love. They always have to care for everything around them. When they see stray cats and stray dogs, they don��t see them as they see, but they come close to them with a smile and take them home, with those rich Feed them to a full meal. Is there a little love for this olfless love to their children, then can’t you pay a little love for everything around you? As long as everyone��s heart is full of love, is peace still far from us? As long as everyone’s heart is full of love, it will be difficult for us to live together in a warm family. As long as everyone��s heart is full of love, isn��t tomorrow better for us?life, for a better tomorrow, let love enter the hearts of each of us! For the good of everything, let us spread love all over the world. For the better of everything, let us pass on love together.

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