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    The mountains are not words, they are a kind of awkwardness; the sea is not a word, it is a vastness; the sun is not a word, it is a kind of radiance; the father is not a word, it is a kindness.s always silent, but he warms my whole heart with a smile, because when I express love in silence, it expresses the most love.don��t understand the first two years, I am young and frivolous, so naughty, so stubborn, my heart is full of arrogance, a few days before the mid-term exam, I did not seriously review my homework like other students, thinking about what I am. I will wait until the “on the battlefield”, I confidently answered the “soeasy” paper, I feel that the results should be “very good” []Marlboro 100 Carton Price[/url]. I can love to tease people in the world. Heaven always does not follow people’s wishes. The reality gives me a slap in the face, like a blue sky. At that time, I was really disappointed. I thought that after the parent meeting, my father would fix me, but otherwise, he did not do that, but put all the dissatisfaction and anger in the bottom of my heart, and then left me with a warm smile like a sun. And tell me: You have grown up, I believe that there are many things you already have your own ideas, Dad is not easy to intervene, what will be done in the future, what to do, you choose, you decide, Dad can only look at you silently beside you []Marlboro Red 100S Cigarettes Online[/url], encourage you, do everything you can, even if you do not perfect, no matter what, in this life, you will always be the unique champion in Dad’s heart []Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes[/url]. It was such a simple smile that it was such an ordinary encouragement that pulled me back from the abyss of disappointment.en others look at Jackie Chan and look at the woman into a phoenix, thank you Dad, let me choose to be myself. Some people say that the daughter is the lover of his father’s past life. In this life, it is to reunite the fate of the past life. I often think that even a couple, it must be a pair of love and love! We smashed from the skylight to the snowy whitehead. It��s so beautiful to be in this life without any help. Yes! It is because of the predecessors that we have this home. With the father and mother who loves me the most, now, I am your most loved daughter, and you become my most beloved father []Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online[/url].s said that the parents in the eyes of the child are the source of life, and I think that the children in the hearts of the parents are the beginning of their dreams. Dad, thank you again, it is your tolerance that allows me to own the sky of my own, please also You believe that my daughter will definitely outline this day with the most beautiful rainbow. I am very lucky to be your daughter in this life. Sometimes I always feel that my life is really short, if there is still an afterlife. You are still my father, I am still your daughter, are we still a family ost vast thing in the world is the sea. The world’s most vast sea is too much love. The shore of the sea is condensed with all the love and care of their lives. Time is a ruthless enemy. They ruthlessly replaced their blue silk. White hair []Newport For Duty Sale Only[/url], but also took too many things, but still the same is their love for their children, love will not fade as time goes by, it will only deepen and deeper, until we are no longer Can’t leave, can’t put it anymore…erefore, in this life we ??must love our parents, cherish the fate of this generation, and thank you for your unrepentant love, because there is no more precious wealth than love in this world.

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